There’s a risk of buying leads.

Yesterday I was talking to someone about buying leads. Buying leads is a tricky business because most of the leads that you buy are going to be very low quality leads. Your expectations should be that you can close between two and 5% or 2 to 5 out of every 100 leads that you get.

These companies are selling very low quality leads, in my opinion. However, some of them will be good enough leads that you can actually close if you’re good enough to close them. So, you really need to work on your skills as much as anything in order to be able to close the leads that you get and increase that ratio. The leads that you buy may not even be what I call now buyers and sellers.

“There are ways that you can generate better quality leads on your own for about the same money.”

There are going to be buyers and sellers that just happen to be looking at a property, and their information was captured. Now, the company that you’re buying leads from sold it to you or provided it as one of their guaranteed number of leads. So most of these leads, I’ll admit, are not going to be of great quality. Now, with nurturing, they may turn into a longer term buyer or seller, but personally, I don’t buy leads.

I generate my own leads. There are ways that you can generate better quality leads on your own for about the same money. But you can rest assured they’re going to be better quality because you’re going to be targeting those leads. So if you’re going to be buying leads, the difference in how much you can possibly make versus how much those links cost, once again, check the reviews on the website.

The reviews are going to be great if you get off of the website that you’re buying leads from. Those reviews typically aren’t that great and it could all be in the skill set of the person getting leads.

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