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Are you a hungry real estate agent looking for more?

When I started my career in real estate in 1981, I spent tens of thousands of dollars learning what works and what doesn’t work in my Real Estate business. You can do that too, or you can take a shortcut.

When you are ready to take a shortcut to success, here’s how we’ll start.

We’ll meet and write a business plan you can implement immediately to generate leads, appointments, and sales.

It’s easy to have a successful real estate business.

There are literally hundreds of ways to get clients (some are better than others).

It’s easy to build your profitable business plan when you know how.

My name is Dale Ross and I’ve marketed and closed thousands of homes and apartments.

You are here because you want to build your business, make more money, and have a better work life balance.

Let’s talk about your dreams, goals, and why you started selling real estate.

I will show you how to consistently generate hundreds of leads and dozens of sales every year and how to streamline your business.

Once I understand how you like to do business that’s authentic to you, I’ll show you how to create a business plan.

You’ll immediately learn how to find what I call NOW home buyers and sellers.

You will learn how to create a consistent income instead of living commission check to check.

Why am I offering this? After being a Realtor for 41 years, I have seen many awesome people come into the business with high hopes and no direction. Many of those people had the talent but they lacked direction. It’s a fact that more than 85% of all new agents fail out of the business within 18 months because their money runs out before their mistakes do.

Even successful agents get stuck at a certain level and need new ideas to take their business up another notch. I know, because I was stuck in very comfortable rut for 9 years until I learned a better way that doubled my income.

There’s no reason to spend countless time, money and energy making mistakes while trying to reinvent the wheel. It’s already been done. The path is clear.

I invite you to a free one-on-one chat with me to see if coaching is right for you.

Where you are a year from now will be a reflection of the choices you make today.

If you are ready to create a profitable and sustainable business, then invest 3 minutes and complete the questionnaire.

Start growing your business today.


Dale Ross