Why shiny objects are harmful to a real estate agent’s career.

Have you ever been convinced to buy a shiny object? It’s one of the things that distract real estate agents from focusing on what’s truly important. What is it exactly, and why should you avoid it?

A shiny object is something that promises to make you so much money and business by buying it or putting it into practice. If you fell for it at some point in your career, I’m here to tell you the truth: No shiny object can substitute for hard work and building and nurturing your database.

Examples of shiny objects can include QR codes, schemes where you’re set up for 20 listings appointments every week, websites, and apps. Some agents think that if they sign up for these things, business and money will magically go their way, but it will never be that easy.

“If you truly want to grow your business, you have to improve your skill set.”

The next time you encounter a shiny object, here’s my advice: Say no. They’re like drugs, so stay away from them. If you truly want to grow your business, you have to improve your skill set. Combine that with hard work, and you’ll surely get to the top. 

Don’t buy shiny objects. Buy yourself, and invest in yourself. If you’re ready to have a conversation on how you can develop your skillset and become a better agent, call me at (281) 723-4444 or send me an email. I’m always happy to hear from you!