An easy tip to help you manage and avoid burnout in your business.

You have to manage burnout as an agent. I’ve recently heard many agents talk about burnout without even realizing it. They’ll complain about writing many contracts for the same client who never wins the property. Writing contracts is what we do in real estate, so this is a form of burnout. However, there is a way to protect yourself from burnout in this business. 

Create a daily schedule that maps out everything you’ll do and when you’ll do it. This schedule needs to be extremely specific, but we all know that life happens. Customers will butt in and disrupt our daily schedule. Our business is one of interruption, but it is still productive to have a daily schedule. 

“If you plan days off, you get to look forward to them.”

My daily schedule is planned all the way through the end of the year right now, and it’s good to know when I’ll be working and what I’ll be doing. Everything is planned in pencil because life happens, but at least I know which days I’ll be taking off and can look forward to it. 

When I say taking a day off, that might entail keeping up with a negotiation or a termination option period, but I can do that outside of the office. It’s a good idea to plan your days off even if you can’t completely avoid working on those days. This allows you to look forward to these days and plan events.

If you have any questions about avoiding burnout or the industry in general, feel free to call or email me. We can talk about your plans, goals, and how you can improve. There’s no obligation; I just want to help.